Your knowledge grows every day

You store more and more informations day after day.

If you are not organized, you get lost !

Finding something is a hell!

Or you spending time to stay organized

It's boring and time consuming!

"Knowledge workers spend up to 2 hours daily to search for information and data."


Albus lets you google all your knowledge and find within a second!

Pull knowledge from your favorites apps.

Albus is connected with all your sources of knowledge.

Capture informations from the internet

Within 2 clics you can capture informations from any webpage and store them in Albus.

Search into PDF, scans and images

Albus index all your content in the search engine.

Find the right information within a second

Albus combines search engine and # to help you to find any information quickly.

Your knowledge is your best asset to achieve more.

Join our beta and save time tomorrow, and the next day, and the next…

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