It's really hard to stay organized

Managing different sources of information

  1. Docs from your computer
  2. Docs from Dropbox, Google Drive...
  3. Informations from Slack, email...

Multiplying folders to stay organized

  1. Folders from your computer
  2. Folders from Dropbox, Google Drive...
  3. Folders from email, browser ... 

And it's ten times harder when you work as a team

  1. Nobody understand how the team drive works
  2. Everyone ask for informations on slack

Chaos is not a problem anymore

Less organization, more finding with Albus!

Import all your docs or create them

  1. Import your PDF, Word docs and Google Docs
  2. The content is automatically indexed into the search engine
  3. Edit rich documents directly in Albus

Find them in less than a second

  1. Easy to use and fast as hell search engine
  2. Hashtags to navigate easily from a doc to another

Share them within two clicks

  1. Managing privacy and sharing with your team in one click
  2. Team collaboration on documents
  3. Link sharing to send a document easily

Stay unorganized and productive

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